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Augusto Rivera Senior editor

This review applies to version 10.1. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

The synaptics Pointing Device Driver will allow you to add some advanced feautures to your laptops pad. You will be able to adjust the sensibility of the pad, as well as the tapping speed.
You can also configure the corners of the pad as buttons in order to launch different applications with them, besides this feature you can also program the real buttons of the pad to specific applications. It will also allow you to use the pad as a virtual scrollbar. Another feauture added is Edge motion wich allows the pointer to keep on moving even if your finger reached the edge of the pad. The configuration can be accesed by double clicking the Synaptics icon in the taskbar. It is really easy to install and the generic drivers can be downloaded from Synaptics web page, where you can find the drivers for all windows platforms in all languages. It can also be found at your systems manufacturer website, since the device driver should meet some specific requirements from your device manufacturer. The installation of the generic device drivers can make you loose some of the customized Synaptics pointing device functionalities.


  • It adds several advanced features to laptops mouse pads.


  • The generic device drivers can make you loose some of the customized Synaptics pointing device functionalities.

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  All comments (43)
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    Guest Last year

    This is an absolute nightmare and makes it impossible for me to work effectively. How do I get rid of this and just have my normal function? I have uninstalled it so many times but it keeps reappearing when I reboot. I cannot take this any more.

  • 1
    b Last year

    I enjoy the product when it's working properly; very convenient. However, I have had to reboot, reinstall, and restore in order to maintain its properties. I do not like taking the time to fix something that is easy not to break. I wish my computer came with a different program.

  • 0
    Guest Last year

    How do I disable the wheel part and still keep the cursor functioning?